About Us

JinLan Belt is truly an international company with a long history of manufacturing v-belts. The company started manufacturing belts 20 years ago. Today our customers are all over the world. Our objective is to be the world leader in providing the best low cost quality belt in the power transmission market.

We pass on the cost savings through our distribution channels down to the end user. We want to provide a better product and a better price. Today our belts are being used in the Industrial, Automotive, and Agriculture around the world.

We supply products around the world (Italy ,Japan,Korea,America elite large-scale companies including end-user ect).

When you work with JinLan Belt Company, you can be sure you will get the right solution for your needs. You can select the best quality, most appropriate product for your specific application. Customer satisfaction based on product and application knowledge and prompt servicing.

To Maintain & Continue the best service in the market. Constant growth along with our Suppliers and customers by supplying the finest quality product in the Belting Industries for every Industrial Application.

ADD: Room 2003, Unit 4, Building 2, Dachengmingzuo,Xiaoshan Economic & Technological Development Zone, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

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